Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Are You Sore Days After Your Workout?

▶︎Are you experiencing major soreness days after your work out?◀︎
☆Some people think its because of lactic acid build up. That is actually untrue as lactic acid forms right away and you feel the effects pretty immediate.
☆The real reason for your soreness days after your workout is a
result of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which generates inflammation in your muscles after a really tough workout—especially if you haven't worked out in a while. Though your workout is to blame for the inflammation, a healing process called the inflammatory response cascade is what's really causing your pain 48-72 hours after your workout.
💪🏼On day one, your body responds to the injured area by releasing hormones called cytokines. These hormones direct cells go to heal your inflamed muscles. At the same time, prostaglandins, hormones that also affect how cells respond to injury, send blood to the area to heal it. This migration of cells to your tired muscles starts out slowly during the 24 hours after your workout—the healing process hasn't kicked into high gear yet. However, on dreaded day two, the flood of cells to the area of inflammation, a.k.a. your muscles, reaches it’s peak and continues the healing response. This means you're going to struggle getting out of bed. 
💪🏼Although any type of tough workout can cause DOMS, eccentric muscle training—which is when you lengthen your muscles while contracting them, like during the downward part of a bicep curl—could create the most.
▶︎That's because your workout causes micro-trauma, or tiny tears in your muscle fibers, which your body needs to repair to build muscle. Eccentric training causes more micro-tears in your muscles than other kinds of training.
👍👍So here's the good part of your "I-can't-move feeling": It means that you did a lot of great work and are in the process of building stronger muscles!!!!!
👉👉👉To ease the pain and help your muscles recover, keep yourself moving by doing active recovery exercises like biking, yoga, and foam roller moves. Not moving altogether can lead to more soreness.

No More Excuses

▶︎I hear so many excuses of why people can't come to class or workout, or eat healthy or even have healthy relationships◀︎
A little back story about myself.
A story I haven't talked about much publicly.
🙌🏼I was living my dream of traveling the world performing for huge audiences. My passion in life from day 1 was being active,moving, and working my body and teaching others how to do the same.
😰A few years ago a traumatic experience happened while I was contracted in Atlantic City NJ for performing. I was there for 2 years performing 2 great shows living my dream. After my contract ended I was in contract to go to India for 6 months, which had been a career dream of mine to perform my art in India. I had planned on this being my last gig for a while and return home( Canyon) to open Flying Fitness & Aerial Arts. My plan was quickly diverted when I was taken and car jacked. Yes, I was carjacked and taken with the car and person. Long story short (as my palms are sweating as I write this) I finally got a way but not without a fight for my life.
I received some great physical injuries including broken bones, post traumatic stress, and major depression set in. Needless to say, I didn't get to go to India. That was about the same time Hurricane Sandy hit and I was caught in the middle of the storm and broke my foot, which was another traumatic experience as I lived right on the beach and when the tide came in from the storm, the water was over the garage! and extremely scary trying to get out. Since these incidents, I have returned home, but not to open my studio, it was to recover. My recovery lasted 3 years! It was THE hardest time in my life and I STILL feel and live with the effects today.
Things that were important to me became un important as I realized what was important in life. And that wasn't to be the best or have the best cloths or the best contracts in the industry or to look my best....What was important was simply living.
Just as of 6 months ago I have been able to get back to what is a simple "normal" workout regimen. I don't do aerial like I used to and its because of the back injuries I faced during the carjacking. It took all I had to climb out of depression and start Flying Fitness & Aerial Arts. By that time my savings had been depleted due to being unable to work. So I started it with what I had available to me. With my families support I made it happen. 
👉So what ever the excuse is...just remember, there may be a day when YOU CANT PHYSICALLY do what was once "normal" to you.
Just think about the world and what you have at your disposal. Its so important to NOT take ADVANTAGE of what seems to be the invisible, because WE ARE NOT INVISIBLE.
❤️Love yourself enough to do what ever it is YOU WANT! Just KEEP MOVING!!! KEEP DOING!!! 
🎉Celebrate your life by never stopping, never giving up, and never say you CANT, because you CAN!
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